Benevolent, Speedy, and Efficient Legal Process Servers

In 1989, Jerry Garcia, owner and chief process server, created Courtesy Florida Process Server of Broward County a company that could deliver just that effortlessly.

Notorious for our exceptionally fast and accurate service, Courtesy Florida Process Server of Broward County is a full-service professional process serving, researching, and locating firm.

We are always open to indulging all your process serving and other legal needs. Our licensed and trained staff handles most requests, even "hard serves," in 72 hours, and same-day service with rush turnaround is available.

We have a local office in Plantation, Florida, so our licensed and courteous staff is familiar with Broward County and other offices in Florida, and have established a network of registered process servers across the country.

Courtesy Florida Process Server of Broward County can serve papers anywhere in the U.S. At your convenience, email, fax or mail us your court documents and include the type of service that is desired at any time.

We accept all major credit cards--Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Checks, and PayPal.

Once received, requests are either given to a process server, skip-tracing, or a research specialist for processing instantly. Throughout the process, you are continuously updated either through real-time updates online, by email, or by phone. No questions are left unanswered and all concerns are addressed.

Courtesy Florida Process Server also provides other legal services, including employment screening, background, record and property searches, court filing, etc.

If professionalism and promptness are what you seek, choose us. If you need a company that is able to serve papers anywhere in the U.S., choose Courtesy Florida Process Server Broward. 

Choose Courtesy Florida Process Server of Broward County to experience what others have for more than 25 years—courtesy in process serving. Skip the process!