Updated February 26, 2021

Courtesy Florida 
Process Server

151 N. Nob Hill Road,
Suite 124
Plantation, Fl 33324
(954) 715-1250
FAX (877) 490-0025


Courtesy Florida Process Server                                         They Can Run, But They Can't Hide...

They Can Run!!!.... But They Can Hide !!!


  Need your documents served at CT Corporation
             CT Corporation System ( CT Corp )
                    1200 S. Pine Island Road
                    Plantation, Florida 33324
              Flat Rate 35.00 per service or writ 
                No printing fee or No hidden fee
                             No notarized Fee

To start your process, please submit your via email documents together

                          with the name of the entity to be served to:

       Our process servers have serving legal documents on
    CT Corporation for over 37 years.  We are located in Plantation 
Appointed by Sheriff's In Broward County.

                 We Serve CT Corporation Daily.
Every service we received goes out for service the same day received.
Service will be attempted and effectuated within 24 hours or less.
                        Same Day Service also available.
            Your One-stop solution for all of your 
         CT Corporation Service of Process Needs
                 We located in Plantation, Florida 

      Our Plantation Process Servers are licensed 
We deliver legal documents to CT Corporation Daily
CT is the largest registered agent service firm in the world representing hundreds of thousands of business entities worldwide and is the largest of the "Big Four" Registered Agent Service Companies. It provides software, and service solutions that legal professionals use. CT offers corporate compliance, and governance services and solutions, including solutions for managing statutory representation, corporate transactions, jurisdictional and securities compliance, corporate due diligence, matter management, e-billing applications, litigation support software, and trademark research.

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All of our Plantation Process Servers are appointed by sheriff office in Broward County, FloridaThe Plantation process servers offer numerous legal services related to civil procedure and process service, besides legal document delivery in Weston, including:

  • Plantation Corporation Checks
  • Plantation Court Filings
  • Plantation Document Filing
  • Plantation Document Retrieval
  • Plantation Evictions
  • Plantation Petition for Divorce
  • Plantation Private Process Server
  • Plantation Public Records Search
  • Plantation Records Retrieval
  • Plantation Skip Trace
  • Plantation Skip Tracing
  • Plantation Subpoena Delivery
  • Plantation Subpoena Service
  • Plantation Summons
  • Plantation Surveillance
  • Plantation Writ

Plantation Process Servers visit County Courts, County Clerks, Plantation
Municipal Courts, Plantation County Broward West Courts.